Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) started delivering Model Y vehicles equipped with the much-anticipated Hardware 4 (HW4), an upgraded version of Tesla's self-driving hardware setup.

This new development was initially spotted by Not a Tesla App online, and later confirmed by Twitter user @BLKMDL3 who found several Model Y vehicles featuring the distinctive red HW4 cameras in a delivery lot.

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Previously, rumors had swirled about Tesla's Hardware 4 self-driving hardware upgrades, hinting at a more powerful computer board, added connections for extra cameras, an updated GPS module and possibly a return to radar.

Tesla made no formal announcement regarding the roll-out of HW4-equipped vehicles. With HW4 now making its appearance in the Model Y, it seems Tesla has subtly introduced these major upgrades without a formal announcement.

Back in March, a Reddit post by a new Tesla Model X owner showed one of the first deliveries of a HW4 vehicle. The owner shared several photos showcasing the HW4 cameras, which appear to be positioned similarly to their predecessors but are notable for a seemingly larger lens. 

In addition to this, the enhanced cameras in the HW4 setup offer a superior resolution of 5MP, compared to the hardware 3 setup of 1.3MP. This means Tesla's sentry mode feature, which records the vehicle's surroundings while parked, now produces higher-quality video recordings. A sales associate also shared with the owner that the new vehicle was radar equipped.

Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

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